Eva was helpful when I needed to revamp my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. I had over 20 years experience and needed a refresh. She was on point, patient, provided helpful information and tips. I had problems accessing her documents on my new MacBook for my deadline and she immediately went into problem solving mode. She was worried for me. (So sweet!) She went over and above to assist me. I found Eva on a FB page of Latinas because I was looking for a POC and/or Latina to hire. She was responsive, detailed, experienced and insightful. Eva is fabulous and hope to meet her in person one day!  ===========================================================================

Eva is an amazing local San Antonio leader and minority business owner serving in the professional development space. Ask her about her killer resume templates. They are highly effective! Resume building is a process that can benefit from a third person perspective. When I decided to seek out assistance from a resume writer, I found myself searching for a good fit via LinkedIn. What I appreciated working with Eva is having a consultation meeting before moving forward with revamping my resume. I appreciated seeing her creative product and feel confident to put my resume out there to be considered for school leadership positions.  ===========================================================================

I had wanted to update my resume for quite sometime. Not knowing who to use, or having any insight, I went on linked in and asked for suggestion. Eva offered her services. I found her easy to work with, very helpful, easy to reach when I needed her. She wanted to make sure everything I needed was prepared for me quickly (I chose to pay the extra fee to have it done quicker). She did a beautiful job. I chose my template, and reviewed my needs. Very pleasant to work with. Finished product was perfect, and I have already had reach outs. Thank you Eva. ===========================================================================

Eva was wonderful to work with! she was extremely patient with me as well, when my resume needs had changed over the time she was consulting me. I am extremely pleased with the final resume - the layout looks so professional! I would highly recommend Compassionate Consulting for your resume writing or job seeking needs. The name says everything!!  ===========================================================================

This woman Eva M Fernandez did a amazing job on my resume!!!...with in minutes my resume was looked at and a job offers we’re coming in...She’s the real deal. Eva was very professional, and was able to get my resume done in a timely manner. Great communication the entire time! Real new to LinkedIn... was absolutely lost on where to even begin try’n to put all this together. I started noticing the Advisors on here who you could work with & I literally just looked @8-9 of them & picked the one with the most positive reviews. Definitely see why Ms.Fernandez had such high reviews. We spoke briefly a week or so prior & I had just kinda put it in the back burner. Out of know where I get an email from a CEO of a real major major company in my field. I called Ms.Fernandez & said “Ok, I’m ready to hire you & get it done...but I need it tomorrow”😳 Needless to say the deadline was made & interview is scheduled. ===========================================================================

Eva did an excellent job updating my resume. I enjoyed being able to go back and forth with her on revisions to my resume and being able to give my feedback on what I thought necessary or could be removed. I was thoroughly impressed with how my resume came out and I would definitely come back to her for any changes I needed on my resume. I highly recommend her services as she is professional, courteous, open minded, and keeps you involved in the process! Thanks again, Eva!! ===========================================================================

If you are in need of some help brushing up your LinkedIn profile or bringing your resume current, I would highly recommend Eva Fernandez and her business "Compassionate Consulting". She did an amazing job. Thank you for every Thing Eva. Eva did a masterful job of helping with my resume and LinkedIn profile. She was professional, thorough, and kind, and I am overjoyed with the results I received. I have recommended her services to numerous friends and colleagues and have nothing but great things to say about the experience! ===========================================================================

To my fellow LinkedIn family, I wanted to take time out to give a "Nation Wide Recommendation", to a small business named "Compassionate Consulting," this is a one shop stop with true compassion and expertise in all that they offer. I had the pleasure of utilizing their resume writing and LinkedIn presence services. Initially, I was just trying to get a raise from my employer but after meeting the owner, Eva Fernandez, I was inspired to do much more at a fraction of the cost. She was a triple threat to larger companies in the way of professionalism, knowledge and compassion! Thank you Eva!! All the best. ===========================================================================

I worked with Eva for my coaching on networking skills, interviewing tips and certifications to better my career journey. Eva is very knowledgeable and has great career insights for today’s competitive world. She was very quick at providing me right resources and always following up on progress. I would recommend Eva and Compassionate Consulting to everyone ===========================================================================

I worked with Eva for my coaching on networking skills, interviewing tips and certifications to better my career journey. Eva is very knowledgeable and has great career insights for today’s competitive world. She was very quick at providing me right resources and always following up on progress. I would recommend Eva and Compassionate Consulting to everyone. ===========================================================================

As a job coach Eva is good listener to understand your condition and find out what's best for you. It's important for me. Good advice and comments with reasonable schedule and cost are the good points of her professional service. =========================================================================== Eva did an outstanding job of helping me build a strong resume as well as broadening my interview skills. I highly recommend her if you're a recent college graduate needing that extra boost to help you obtain the job of your dreams! ===========================================================================

Eva was very professional even with my demanding schedule! I needed a resume prepared yesterday, and she prepared it beyond my expectations in 1/2 the time! She worked with me till it was exactly what I needed..... ===========================================================================

Eva is an amazing job coach. She is very personable and supportive. She provides great resources and direction. I was attempting my job search on my own, with no avail. Yet with her guidance, I now have clear objectives for my search. She is very flexible and even offers weekend hours. I always leave our sessions feeling motivated!  ===========================================================================

Eva knew my mind and my heart! I have 5 degrees and at least 3 different careers but multiple part time jobs. I couldn't look or create another version that made sense and could serve the purpose of getting noticed. I contacted Eva and I am so happy that I did. She made sense out of the three versions I shared with her. She gave me sound advice on my resume and made recommendations on approaching interviews. It is amazing when someone can authentically and objectively give advice, fix what seems unfixable, and how to be ok with disasters. I am excited and look forward to sending out my updated resume. Thank you Eva! ==========================================================================

Eva is very easy to talk to and it was simple to communicate with her via email and phone. I was looking to edit my resume to fit my next career goal and she was able to highlight relevant skills. Her proposal stood out to me for two reasons: 1) She was transparent about her prices and honored those prices, and 2) we are both social workers and she has an extensive career background in social services and education. Very Grateful! ===========================================================================

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